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In April 2012 two Mallow College students on work experience with CDYS were tasked with seeing if a CoderDojo could be set up in Mallow.

Classes started at the Big Blue Cube in Gouldshill Mallow in May 2013, and now over five years on, John Martin, one of the original Mallow College students, is still actively involved in the group.

An idea which started in Cork in 2011, CoderDojo Mallow is now part of a national and global network of clubs teaching young people about programming and computer technology – across 1,250 locations in 69 countries. Around the world over 25,000 children are learning to code in weekly classes with CoderDojo.

With three classes running, Mallow members, the CoderDojo “Ninjas”, receive a solid grounding in tools like HTML and CSS for creating websites and Java and Scratch for programming and creating games.

CoderDojo is free, open, inclusive, and run by volunteers.

This year again Mallow College continues its involvement. An option for our Computer Systems & Networks students, subject to usual Garda vetting, is to complete their Work Experience requirement volunteering with CoderDojo Mallow.

Truly, the best way to learn anything is to teach. The programming, presentation, communication and teaching skills gained with CoderDojo Mallow are perfect for any aspiring system administrator. Volunteers will get experience teaching to a classroom on their own presentation. Volunteers get all the necessary support and assistance from experienced mentors. They get to work on topics that interest them especially. They get to travel with CoderDojo Mallow in May to the RDS for the CoderDojo Coolest Projects global awards. And of course, they get to be part of a global team, an idea started in Cork, that actively encourages local children to get into IT.

CoderDojo Mallow will be running classes again this year coinciding with the school term – Saturdays from 11.30am to 1:00pm in the Big Blue Cube, Gouldshill, Mallow, Co. Cork. CoderDojo Ninjas, can just turn up on the day and register. Normally Ninjas start between the ages of 7 to 17, but if parents want to be there to help their younger children with the typing and any difficulties this can be done too. While members 18 and over are encouraged to become mentors themselves – so there’s really no age restriction.

And it’s all completely free of charge.

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