“Khite” from the East

Beauty and Body Therapy trainees learning the art of Threading.
Beauty and Body Therapy trainees learning the art of “Threading”.

“Khite”, in Arabic, or “Threading”, as it is known in English, has been used by women across the East to control unwanted facial hair or to create that extra special eyebrow definition.

After 1,000s of years Western salons are only just catching up; but threading is now in high demand as the alternative to brow waxing – being gentler on the skin while promising greater control and better brow definition.

As the name suggests, it involves a piece of thread – doubled and twisted, rubbed over a line of stray hairs, to remove them by the roots. Treatment is required again about every three weeks depending on hair growth – the same as plucking. No one said it was the painless alternative; but in the hands of a skilled practitioner this too can be minimised and is considered less painful than otherwise plucking out individual hairs one at a time.

Your biggest problem may actually be getting an appointment.

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