IT Skills In-Demand

Crucial IT skills are in-demand by employers in Ireland.  In September last year, the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit at SOLAS published their National Skills Bulletin 2016 identified ICT shortages of skills in software development in Java and Python, systems administration with Linux, and in database administration.

In May 2017, SOLAS‘s Skills and Labour Market Research Unit published their Vacancy Overview 2016 highlighting a 5% annual increase in employment in the information technology sector – which remains consistently amongst the highest rate of vacancies across all sectors. Of “difficult-to-fill vacancies”, the report highlighted, 35% were in information technology, including: software developers, SQL database administrators, Java programmers, Linux and Open Source administrators.

Tech/Life Ireland, a Government initiative under the ICT Skills Action Plan, currently rank Java and Python as the two most in-demand tech skills in Ireland.

QQI level 5 courses at Mallow College, Computer Systems & Networks and Software Development, are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the marketplace, focus on the in-demand skills, and give our learners an edge in progression success. Mallow College is the only Further Education college in the country to have courses specifically focused on important industry standard Linux and open source technologies, SQL database, modern Agile software development, and Java and Python programming.

The national industry trend is expected to continue.

“the availability of IT skills is crucial to the Irish economy. IT skills are playing an increasingly significant role across a variety of sectors (only just over half of all IT workers actually work in the ICT sector, with others mainly in industry, finance and the public sector). “

“Over the period 2010-2015, employment in IT occupations grew strongly, at 3.6% on average annually outpacing growth in most occupational groups. There were almost 7,300 IT jobs advertised through the PES and portals alone in 2015. The Recruitment Agency Survey in May 2016 also found that there were difficulties in filling IT vacancies, with approximately one third of all difficult to fill mentions being for IT-related posts.”

“Many of the job announcements in the media in recent months relate to job creation for IT workers, both within the ICT sector, as well as for IT roles in other sectors; job announcements include those made by Amazon, Kaseya (IT management software), Zeltiq Aesthetis (med-tech), Sportlomo (sports software), Compliance and Risks (financial services), Brown Bag Films (animation studio), Qstream, Microsoft, Malwarebytes (online security), VMWare, Technopath Clinical Diagnostics (software company), Aspira, CBE (retail software), Hortonworks(software provider), Perception Consulting (data analytics), OneView (medical software), Fortuity (cloud technology and data analytics), Accenture and Boxever (data analysis software).”

“Furthermore, the situation is not unique to Ireland as there is a shortage of IT skills internationally.” National Skills Bulletin 2016

“The Recruitment Agency Survey and employment permit data indicate significant shortages of persons with specific IT skills, with the analysis of job announcements in the media suggesting demand for skills in the ICT sector is expected to continue.” Vacancy Overview 2016ó-spealáin