From Mallow College to VMware

“I first went about trying to get a position in VMware by applying for work experience there. Over the 2 weeks I got a great feel for the place and felt that it was somewhere that I could really use the skills I gained from Mallow College

I had heard about the Kickstart initiative from a friend of mine who had done it – what was involved and how it was a great program to get into. Modules in the Kickstart program included Networking, Linux, Windows server, and Virtualisation – all subjects I had been studying while I was at Mallow College. This was a great help for me, but it was still a challenge developing these skills even more. The Kickstart program was quite intense but thankfully I was used to being able to complete work as while in Mallow College I was constantly doing projects and having lots of practical work to do.

In relation to differences between college and the workplace so far, I haven’t seen many. VMware is a great place to work and like college there is always someone on hand to help you if you’re ever struggling with a task. A “swarm” technique is often used in VMware to solve problems and much like college having people around you who are willing to help is only a positive. I have now completed the 12 weeks program and thankfully I have received a full-time position along with certificates in CompTIA Network plus, Storage I.T. and VMware VCP. If it wasn’t for the skills I gained in Mallow College I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. I owe them a great deal of gratitude. Every teacher I had taught me something and there was never any negativity there. It really was a pleasure to deal with everyone in the college.”

Michael O’Rourke, August, 2017

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