Computing & Software, by Tomasz Sobkow

“My first contact with software development was 3 years ago. I started to learn C ++ on my own. In 2017 I started to learn at Mallow College of Further Education SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, at this point, real coding began for me. I met JAVA and Python and HTML / CSS. JAVA, HTML / CSS have become my favourite languages. In addition, I got to know the LINUX System. I have definitely improved my knowledge in computer networks and hardware, database stopped to be a mystery to me and, I even liked maths. I also understood how important cooperation in the group is when working together on the project.

It is impossible to list all the benefits I have learned during this course. It is true that my English is still modest but now it is at a completely different, better level. Personally, I appreciate the professionalism and patience of teachers who have tried to teach us sometimes not easy issues. I will certainly remember the time spent in this school with pleasure. I hope that afterall we will be able to meet at the next level in September 2018. It would be great.


Tomasz Sobkow

Software Development Graduate 2018

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