2019/20 Computer Systems & Network Administrator

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Computer Systems & Networks – 5M0536.

Train as an experienced Networks and Computer Systems Administrator.

Learn fundamental skills in hardware maintenance, Linux systems software, computer networking, programming, scripting, database management, cloud and virtual machines, maths for IT, website design and web server hosting.

Apply online today for 2019/20 at https://mallowcollege.ie/2019.

Specialise in specific industry standard and trending technologies. Gain in-demand employment skills in Linux server operating systems, LibreOffice, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL server administration, Python programming, virtualisation with VMware and Oracle VirtualBox, and Windows Server 2019.

Focus on Linux systems administrator training in a holistic course environment across the different subjects. From the beginning, develop and practice your skills in our dedicated Linux system administrator laboratory – running and administering your own machines, servers, network switches, routers, and WiFi. Administer system permissions and users. Explore the world of scanning, hacking and penetration testing with network software tools such as Wireshark and Nmap. Plan and test networks with Cisco Packet Tracer. Create virtual routers and servers. Set up remote administration dashboards and remote access. Connect Android devices and Chromecast TV. Explore and enjoy the world of database, web, and game servers. Setup, configure, and run WordPress web servers.

Computer Systems & Network Administrator at Mallow College is the only fully immersive QQI course in Linux system administration and open source programming – giving our learners the  unique edge in industry and in progression success.

Progress to higher education in institutions such as CIT and UCC with the best headstart available – with subjects and technologies closely aligned to first year level 7 and level 8 computer science and programming courses.

The first college in the country to offer QQI courses using Linux and opensource software – giving our students an extra edge with hands-on experience of industry standard Linux system administration from day one. Read more …

2018/19 Applications are now open, and free. CAO points not required. Grant and Social Welfare funding available. To apply online now for September you will just need to provide two essential pieces of information: your email address and your PPS number. Apply online today for 2019/20 at https://mallowcollege.ie/2019. Look for this course under Information Technology. Contact us at computing@mallowcollege.ie for help and more information.

Career Prospects

  • Corporate technical support sector. +
  • Database management. +
  • Database/programming intern. +
  • IT operations technicians. +
  • IT user support technicians. +
  • Linux Administrator. +
  • Networks and Computer Systems Administrator. +
  • Systems Administrator. +
  • Virtualisation support. +
  • Web design. +
  • Web hosting. +

Course Contents

  • Computer Systems Hardware (5N0548) Level 5 QQI.
    • Specifications and functions of the essential building blocks of a modern PC: processor (CPU), memory (RAM), storage disks, input and output devices. Learn to source and price, build and maintain custom specification machines.
  • Database Methods (LibreOffice & MySQL) (5N0783) Level 5 QQI.
    • Principles of database design and data management with LibreOffice Base, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL.
  • Maths for Information Technology (5N18396) Level 5 QQI.
    • Apply a broad range of mathematical skills and tools to a wide variety of contexts especially in software development and/or working with computer systems and networks. Get to grips with essential maths, binary, and logic for programming, networking, and computer hardware.
  • Networking Essentials (5N2929) Level 5 QQI.
    • Understand the OSI model of computer networking: learn how to setup, test, troubleshoot and manage a complete computer network: Linux and Windows, Windows Server 2016, wired, WiFi, switches, routers, TCP/IP, MAC addresses, IP addresses, Internet.
  • Operating Systems (5N2928) Level 5 QQI.
    • Develop the skills of a Linux systems administrator with Ubuntu Desktop 17.10 and Server 17.10 editions: manage users, hardware, files, software, and security. Install, configure and test dual-boot systems for Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu. Practice using Oracle VirtualBox virtualisation.
  • Programming and Design Principles (Python) (5N2927) Level 5 QQI.
    • Code and develop your own computer programs and commands in the Python programming language for Linux and Windows – using the PyCharm IDE. Explore command-line and graphical-user-interface techniques. Practice coding as part of a team.
  • Virtualisation Support (5N2434) Level 5 QQI.
    • Develop the essential skills of the modern system administrator in virtualisation (running complete machines simultaneously within the same hardware) alongside your studies in operating systems and hardware. Explore Vmware and Oracle VirtualBox machine virtualisation techniques for desktops and servers.
  • Web Authoring (5N1910) Level 5 QQI.
    • Use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standards and editors in the construction, testing and maintenance of webpages and sites.
  • Teamworking (5N1367) Level 5 QQI.
    • Teamwork is a fundamental skill in the workplace today. This component explores the role and responsibilities of team members, the impact of effective and ineffective team members and the opportunities and challenges of working within a team. The stages of team development and the impact of team leadership are explored. Students participate in a team based project to practice skills such as negotiation, decision making, conflict resolution and communication skills in a team environment. Students reflect on their own performance to create an awareness of their personal strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Work Experience (5N1356) Level 5 QQI.
    • Participate in the workplace for a limited time, carrying out work-related tasks independently while under general direction. Prepare yourself for industry, prepare your CV (and online LinkedIn profile), practice interview skills, and gain invaluable experience on your own work placement.

Courses are continually developed – content and specific award components are subject to change. See disclaimer.


One year. Full-time. Class timetables to follow in September, and subject to change. See calendar for term holidays.


30 full-time day students will travel, fully-funded, with Erasmus+ to another European country for 2 weeks. Find out more and apply.

Entry Requirements

  • CAO points not required.
  • All applicants will be required to attend an application review to discuss the course suitability for the learner and to establish that all applications meet the minimum requirements.
  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent. Candidates should ideally have a good Leaving Certificate maths grade at ordinary level or higher; or a proven aptitude for computer science and programming. For mature applicants appropriate experience will be considered in lieu of formal qualifications.


Work Experience

Work experience is an integral part of this course. The dates and duration will be specified by the College in September.


Advance to QQI level 6 at Mallow College or other QQI colleges in Cork and Ireland. Use your full QQI award to progress to degrees in Computer Science, Computer Networking, IT Management, Business Information Systems, and Games Development. A full QQI award achieves a maximum of 390 points for CAO.

For more links and detailed information on how to use your Mallow College qualification go to mallowcollege.ie/progressions.


Funding and grant options are available. See https://mallowcollege.ie/funding/ for more information on Medical Cards, SUSI grants, the Back to Education Allowance, and VTOS.

  • Medical Card Holders: €250
  • Student Grant Recipients (SUSI): €300
  • Back to Education Allowance (BTEA): €300
  • Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS): €0
    • €50 Deposit (refundable) per year.
    • Retain Social Welfare benefits. Additional weekly allowances for meals, travel and childcare are also available.

Contact Us

Email us at computing@mallowcollege.ie. Talk to us on Skype Call / Chat.


Apply online today for 2019/20 at https://mallowcollege.ie/2019.

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