Adult Students at Mallow College

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Computers and Business Studies for Adults (Mornings) is now enrolling at Mallow College. See for more information.

Returning to College

Many adults student worry about coming back to learning. Our experience knows that you’re not alone and we already know that Mallow College is designed specifically around your needs as adult learners.

You may not remember the last time you did an exam or wrote an assignment, but you bring an enormous amount of life and experience with you to the classroom and to our College community. Mature students quickly rediscover their own confidence, commitment, and learning success.

It’s not easy making the decision to come back to education as a mature adult. At Mallow College we’ve been listening, learning, and working with people from all backgrounds and of every age. We are ready to help you overcome your fears and to make sure that further education is going to be a great experience for you – personally and professionally.

We also asked our mature graduates for their perspective and, with their permission, these are well worth sharing and reading. A big thank you for your words and for the contribution all our mature learners have made to the culture and community of Mallow College and to the lives of staff and teachers.

given me the chance to prove to myself that anything is possible

“The last year has been incredible. I was very apprehensive going back to education the last time I was in a classroom was over 25 years ago but it was the best decision I made. Everyday I looked forward to coming in to my classmates, I say classmates but now they are some of the closest friends I have. We helped each other when we didn’t have a clue what we were doing and had great fun doing it! The support we got from each other was amazing and we can’t wait for year two.

The main reason I picked Computers & Business for Adults Year 1 was because it fit perfectly into my family life. I still have school drop off and pick up and if the course didn’t fit around school hours and holidays I wouldn’t have been able to it!

Going back to education has given me a lot of confidence in myself which I didn’t have. I didn’t think I would be able to go back and learn and do exams but when you go back to education as a mature student you want to do your best for YOU not because you have to but because you want to! Further Education has given me the chance to prove to myself that anything is possible if your willing to put in the work!”

received distinctions in all of my components which I am very proud of

“I decided to make the big move, took the plunge and returned back to college to upskill in September 2018. I am a mother of 4 children, my youngest was starting primary school and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to return to full employment. Mallow College opened that door for me when I signed up for the Computers & Business for Adults course. This is a 2 year level 5 part time course which suited me perfectly with my kids still in school. It was a bit daunting at first but after a few weeks it felt like I was always there.

The teachers are so helpful and very friendly. My classmates have now become my friends and we have met on numerous occasions during the summer months. I have learnt a lot of new skills over this past year in Mallow College and have received distinctions in all of my components which I am very proud of.

I am looking forward to beginning year 2 of the Business Administration course in September and look forward to the future.”

Great sense of achievement

“Prior to attending the year 1 Computers & Business for Adults course at Mallow College I was basically clueless about spreadsheets, power point and business admin in general. I have learnt so much in my first year and am now very confident around these areas and am confident I will get a good job with this new knowledge. Just going back to school after so many years away was a huge achievement to me in itself.

All teachers at Mallow College without exception made us feel most welcome and made returning to education enjoyable. Met lots of people in class who have now become great friends. The course fitted into my life perfectly. The morning classes suited me. I was able to be home for my son at lunchtime and in the afternoons to assist him with his homework and preparation for his leaving cert exams.

Far more confident in general. You learn something every day but I learnt so much more at college. Great sense of achievement. Cannot wait to get back for the 2nd year in September 2019.”

I look forward to coming in each morning

“I went back into a college environment at 60 years of age and it terrified me at first. With the exception of 1 other person I was the oldest in the class, most of my classmates were a lot younger than me. I felt totally out of my depth at first. But I landed on my feet, hard. The teaching staff, guidance counsellors are absolutely amazing (I’m not being paid to say that)!

The bond between my fellow classmates and staff has been life changing and believe me at my age I thought I was beyond that. I look forward to coming in each morning, we have a great rapport with each other, so much so we still meet up over the summer for coffee, meals out birthday celebrations etc. Not only did I make great friends with my classmates, but on campus the the whole atmosphere is so friendly and supportive making friends with total strangers is easy. The things that I personally enjoyed about the year was the great class atmosphere, the regular events and parties held in the canteen (Halloween, Christmas etc.) and that I discovered you’re never too old to learn new things. And it’s given me a new outlook on life altogether.

Personally the course fits into my life perfectly. Our course is 5 half days a week over two years. My afternoons are free to pursue my other interests in my life. I have the first year of my two course completed.

I have grown and changed in ways I never felt possible. I’ve made so many friends of all ages, most of them will remain close friends for life. My family and other friends say the transformation in my life has been great to see. in the space of less than a year I feel like I’ve pulled back 30 years. I’ve always enjoyed learning new things. I’ve lived in Mallow most of my entire life, yet I never realised this gem of a college with a large array of courses has been where I’ve learned the most. In is of particular significance to me that I complete this course and graduate. I have learned that the most enjoyable thing to me is learning.”

helped me in building my confidence to approach prospective employer

“Certainly has given me a good foundation to work from when trying to enter new employment. Nerve wrecking as it was I enjoyed preparing and giving the power presentation I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to do this in previous employment.

It fitted perfectly as I have a son in primary school and a morning only course worked well for me. The course has helped me in building my confidence to approach prospective employers.”

My confidence has grown

“I am of the senior generation and this helped me so much in updating my computer skills and am now looking forward to doing year 2.

The other students in my class turned into great friends and we all bonded and helped each other so much. I did this course over 5 days a week from 9.40 to 1.05 and this was great for me as i was not sure I could adapt to returning to college.

My confidence has grown because i now know so much more about Computers and Business Admin It is never too late something new and I can guarantee you the course tutors are extremely helpful”

Computers & Business Studies for Adults (Mornings)

Designed for mature learners, Computers & Business Studies for Adults is a QQI Level 5 Certificate in Business Administration (5M2468) completed over 2 years mornings: 09:30 to 12:45 Monday to Friday from September to May.

Launch your own education comeback with essential business and IT skills for the workforce. Add the complete range of Microsoft Office software as well as communications, work-experience, bookkeeping, payroll, and business administration skills. 2020/21 Applications are now open, and free and easy.. CAO points not required. Grant and Social Welfare funding are available. To find out more, contact us, and to easily apply online now visit: or come in to talk to us at any time.