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From Mallow College to VMware

“I first went about trying to get a position in VMware by applying for work experience there. Over the 2 weeks I got a great feel for the place and felt that it was somewhere that I could really use the skills I gained from Mallow College I had heard about the Kickstart initiative from a friend of mine who…

Who are we?

Who are the class of 2018/19 at Mallow College? We’re actually 80% female. 50% of us are over 30, 27% in our 20s and 22% in our teens. We’re 13% just out of the Leaving Cert., 17% employed part-time, and 37% are unemployed and returning to education. 41% of us are coming from outside Mallow. We’ve nationalities of Beninese, Brazilian, British (3%), Cameroonian, Congolese, Equatorial…

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