Recruitment Fair 2018

Mallow College Recruitment Fair is coming up next Thursday 15th March 2018 from 10.00am to 12 noon in Room 17.

Especially of interest to students of Healthcare, Nursing, Childcare, Social Care, and Special Needs Assisting.

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Come along to meet employers and recruiters from:

  • Blue Bird Care
  • Bridhaven
  • Clannad Care Recruitment
  • Department of Social Protection
  • Home Instead Senior Care
  • Irish Wheelchair Association
  • / Servisource
  • Noel Recruitment
  • Nua Healthcare
  • Rainbow Recruitment Mallow
  • St Josephs Charleville

Relacja z pobytu uczniów z Mallow College cz.2

“Report on the stay of students at Mallow College part 2”

This is the second week of stay in Poland. The Erasmus + project “Mallow College of Further Education Erasmus Program” aims not only to provide internships, but also to show and exchange experiences. This week, we’ve been a bit frustrated, we’ve been teaching, we’ve trained, we’ve showed around and we’ve skated the guests. What? They are to remember their stay in Poland. Read for yourself what we have prepared for them:

Monday: If winter … it’s mountains, snow and lifts. We took our group on a trip to the Vistula. The Silesian Beskids enchanted with a snowy aura and beautiful views from the Czantoria Mountain. Participants got there in a queue … why a queue and not on their feet? What can I say … they do not fit in the head, you can walk in the mountains:)

Tuesday: Informally and expertly. Visiting the glass factory – Saint Gobain, the leader of the European market in glass production. The trip was aimed at introducing the company’s history as well as the glass production process itself. After listening to lectures, the group saw a fully automated and robotic production line.

Wednesday: This day was marked by science in a nutshell. Our guests had the opportunity to take part in an IT course. We made sure that project participants gained the ability to deal with programming or database. The main assumption of the training was to provide knowledge that will be useful in professional and private life … but … not man alone is living. In the second part of the day, we took our guests on a sightseeing trip. Climate and red – brick Nikiszowiec, space Spodek and the strongly developing city center of Katowice. Her legs ached. And as we know … our guests do not belong to avid walkers. As a reward, we decided that we could allow them to spend Irish money uncontrolled. What is this trip from which you can not bring souvenirs …:) It does not matter if it’s a coal lump, a book, photo on Dąbrowa Pier or beautiful sweater with a mine shaft. It is to remind you of your stay in Poland.

Thursday: The time has come to face the strength of the nation. Preschoolers. As part of the project, the participants visited the kindergarten in Dąbrowo in order to get acquainted with the specificity of the work. How difficult work. In this kindergarten, there is an infinite energy deck and ideas worthy of MacGyver. Our guests coped well with Thursday’s task. We can boldly say that the potential of future educators is jammed in them. After kindergarten, it’s time to visit Dąbrowa Górnicza, the Palace of Culture and Zagłębie. 10600 m2 of sightseeing. The palace opened its doors to the Theater Hall, Art Gallery, Agora Hall, Teatralny Piwnica and many other no less interesting rooms. P e K a Zet charmed, enchanted and hypnotized the Irish … for a long time.

Friday: Irish Day. We invited the participants of the program to our school and showed them how we celebrate Irish Day. Presentations, exhibitions, concerts, dances … you could not get bored. It was green, white and orange …. it was Irish. And finally the icing on the cake … a friendly match between Poland and Ireland. Let two teams fight and win a draw.

Saturday: Due to the fact that the winter was already strongly felt by our guests … we took them to a place that is associated with heat … but ONLY they associate:) Poland Sahara … was sand, mirage … but there were no camels. Nevertheless, the largest desert in Europe has made for a hugely impressive impression. The tour warmed up our guests so much that they let us talk to them to cool down. We showed them how to marry in Dąbrowa Górnicza – it is a sport of extreme kind:) Several daredevils could be persuaded to be cold. The second part of the day under the title: Polish and familiar. We appeared in the countryside. Polish traditional meals, horseback riding, bonfire … I love Poland. The Irish told us that it was the best that happened to them.

Sunday: Everything that is good ends quickly. This is the last day of your stay in Poland. We had the opportunity to have a gala dinner with our guests. Handing out participation certificates in the Erasmus + project, thanks, memories …. And the tears in my eye turned around.

These two weeks are not only the time of admiring, watching and tasting Poland, it’s work, exchange of experiences and learning. An intense time. It was nice and fun. The Irish were captivated and enchanted by their bulk and lack of bad attitude towards life. We will miss them. And we hope to see you.

Translated from the original post, 19th February 2018, by Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe w Dąbrowie Górniczej TZN (Technical Scientific Institutes in Dąbrowa Górnicza TZN).


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Pobyt Irlandczyków w ramach projektu Erasmus +

“Stay of Irish People as part of the Erasmus+ Project”

Our guests are funny and have a great sense of humor. Time spent with them is really very pleasant and smiling. They surprise us every day with their openness and their “Irish time”.

As part of the Erasmus + project “Mallow College of Further Education Erasmus Program” on Monday (05/02/2018) a group of 30 students at Mallow College in Ireland and carers came to us. As befits Poland, we welcomed them with traditional frost and snow.

Our guests have the opportunity to visit Poland for the first time. And here their adventure begins … “my first time”. Most of the program participants had the opportunity to fly for the first time, some of them saw the snow for the first time, touch and taste sensations were indescribable. Their first time will be still below.

For our guests, in addition to the planned implementation of internships with employers, we have planned an intense time:

Monday: The group was accommodated. We gave a reprieve this day … they were to gain strength for the remaining days.

Tuesday: According to the program, the group appeared in our school. Official welcome and an opportunity to explore … from the so-called kitchen. Due to the fact that it was a holiday time and the school was almost empty … it was possible to look into every nook and cranny. The enormity of our school has translated into the size of their eyes. In the afternoon, the time has come for a piece of our city. Its central part as well as the green one. Basically during this period, white and frozen. Pogoria. Walking on the ice and slip in fact brought a lot of smile.

Wednesday: It’s time for some of our history. A trip to the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum. A time of reflection and reflection.

Thursday: Fat Thursday. We can amaze the Irish … what … twelve donuts for less than 1 euro JW this day our guests were waiting for an easy task. Polish language course. And here is the specter of our “Dż”, “cz” and “ż”. I wonder how long they will dream about how they break their language on ours? For the loosening of our jaw and mind, we decided to take our guests to a hockey game … and here again their “first time”. Cheering went much better than saying “jam.” After the match, we found time to walk around Katowice.

Friday: Our pride. Cracow. Visiting Wawel, the Royal Castle, Cloth Hall and other interesting Krakow places. A whole day of walking, watching, experiencing, admiring and admiring.

Saturday and Sunday: This is free time for program participants. But it turned out that the group liked it so well and they liked it so much that they decided to go to the salted Wieliczka in a large part of the participants.

To sum up the first week: Our guests are funny and have a great sense of humor. Time spent with them is really very pleasant and smiling. They surprise us every day with their openness and their “Irish time”.

Translated from the original post, 13th February 2018, by Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe w Dąbrowie Górniczej TZN (Technical Scientific Institutes in Dąbrowa Górnicza TZN).

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Cisco Academy Linux Webinars

Linux is everywhere today and the importance of knowing Linux is increasing as it remains the world’s most popular operating system. In this two-part series, you will discover an introduction to Linux, the resources available for you to learn Linux, available job opportunities, and the importance of Linux to Cisco as well as the industries it supports.

Session 1: Linux Overview

Be introduced to Linux as experts discuss the importance of Linux today and open source community. We will cover the truths and myths about Linux.

There will also be the opportunity to learn about:

  • Exciting job opportunities available
  • Importance of getting Linux certified
  • Resources available to learn Linux

Download Slides

Session 2: Linux in the Industry

In this session we take a deep dive on the impact and importance of Linux to Cisco. You learn from Cisco experts about how Cisco incorporates Linux in many products and technologies including:

  • Smart Grid
  • Data Center
  • Wireless
  • Cloud

The speakers share their experience on how they learned Linux and talk about the resources available to you.

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‘I’m learning every day’: Apprenticeships in Ireland are making a comeback

APPRENTICESHIPS ARE MAKING a comeback, with government investment in this type of training set to increase in 2018 to €122 million.

Minister John Halligan, in response to a question from Fianna Fail’s Niall Collins, said the budget allocation for apprenticeship training will increase 24% next year.

The apprenticeship population is now at around 13,000 and new registrations in 2018 are expected to reach over 6,000. … 31 December 2017

Linux First for QQI

Mallow College of Further Education has become the first college in the country to offer full QQI awards in IT, Computer Systems & Networks 5M0536 and Software Development 5M0529, completely in Linux and open-source software.

Linux has the distinction of not only being free and open software but also an industry standard for servers and IT professionals. Linux and open-source software, operating systems, web-servers, and databases, are today powering most of the web as we know it. And it is just one of a family of like-minded Unix systems including Android mobile on phones, tablets and other smart devices; and Apple iOS systems and devices – all speaking the same language under the hood.

The reason is clear for Mallow College, Linux is the choice of the technology industry as a service platform and for industry employers in Ireland who are actively recruiting trained and experienced graduates fluent in Linux system administration.

SOLAS’s National Skills Bulletin 2016 identified skills shortages in software development in Java and Python, database administration, and systems administration with Linux. Consistently amongst the highest rates of vacancies in any sector, their Vacancy Overview 2016 highlights a 5% annual increase in employment in the information technology sector. Of “difficult-to-fill vacancies”, 35% were in information technology, including: software developers, SQL database administrators, Java programmers, Linux and open-source administrators.

Microsoft Windows might still be the dominant player in the home PC market but employers are looking for technicians and administrators who have a wider practical experience of industry scale computing.

Mallow College graduates will qualify with a full nationally recognised QQI level 5 or level 6 award, ready for progression to institutes of technology or universities, ready for internship programmes in the IT industry; and set apart from the ordinary with expert Linux and open-source experience as a major boost to their CVs and online professional profiles.

For any student interested in the world of computing, Linux is also a pathway to a new world of possibilities – by its nature it is more flexible, more creative, more networked, and more programmable. Explore remote access, network setup and security, use NMap for network mapping and hacking penetration testing; setup virtualisation servers, create web servers, manage database servers; explore troubleshooting and systems testing; create code and custom system commands; and gain a fluency in professional command-line system control. Start an exciting career at the cutting edge of computing innovation.

Students at Mallow College are system administrators of their own specialised computing and networking lab from day one.

Students will install and configure their own workstations as Linux system administrators (starting with downloading and installing Ubuntu 17.04 and upgrading shortly to the latest 17.10 in October), cooperate in running the classroom server, manage and maintain the wired and wireless network, and manage their own access to the wider Mallow College corporate network.

Mallow College students study two open-source programming languages – Java and Python – arguably the two of the most important programming languages for industry and progression to higher education. Using the latest open-source integrated-development-environments, and alongside classes in modern Agile Methodology software development, students will learn to develop and create programs and commands for any operating system.

Database classes will use the open-source LibreOffice Base interface and graduate to exploring and managing the world of industry and web scale databases with connections to their own MySQL servers.

Other operating systems are not forgotten. Students explore a range of systems from Android devices to installing and managing Microsoft Windows in Operating Systems class and as virtual machines in Virtualisation class with Oracle VirtualBox.

Mallow College is also the first college to offer students of either Computer Systems & Networks 5M0536 or Software Development 5M0529 the chance to add to their portfolio of awards elective classes in subjects from either course – making it the most complete of the QQI IT courses in the country.

More information at or emailó-spealáin

Iarla O’Sullivan B.Sc., Student Profile

In 2017 Iarla completed his B.Sc. in Information Technology in Cork Institute of Technology.

QQI Advanced Certificate in Computer Network Technology CCNTX, Level 6, Mallow College, 2015.

Modules included Datacenter Virtualization exploring the role of virtualization in IT enterprises, in the consolidation of modern data centers and in the evolution of cloud computing on VMWare vSphere ESXi services. Systems Administration: installing, supporting and maintaining UNIX based computer systems and networks. Internet & Network Services: building infrastructure for mail servers, iSCI storage, web applications on virtual environments. Network Security: an administrative level training in managing firewalls, VPNs, and IDS systems on UNIX and Microsoft systems. Computer Services Management: the disciplines involved in managing the provision of computer services at an enterprise level. Inter-Networking: developing a methodology of selection of criteria for network devices and WAN technologies to meet network requirements; configure and troubleshoot network devices and resolve issues with enterprise level WAN data link protocols and network traffic.

“Achieving my Level 5 & 6 QQI qualifications in Computer Networking at Mallow College of Further Education was an invaluable experience. I built up strong studying skills for exams and time management skills for class projects – an integral part of my course. I was supported by very friendly and encouraging staff who are more than willing to help out with any issue and provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere with fellow students.

It also provided a stepping stone to further studies with progression links direct to year 2 of an Information Technology degree in CIT.”

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